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PAM CHARGING combines all software, hardware, and service components into one optimized solution.

Seamless integration fully addresses the ever-increasing requirements for e-charging infrastructure in public and private sectors.
One highlight is the central monitoring and control of the charging stations, including authorization management with different charging profiles.
The simple activation of the charging process is complemented by convenient payment and flexible billing options. Registered users receive detailed usage-based billing. Ad-hoc charging processes without registration can be started and paid directly on the device with the smartphone.

Complete charging infrastructure management

  • Monitoring and control of the installed charging points
  • Public and private use
  • Charge Point Operator (CPO) and E-Mobility Provider (EMP) functionality possible
  • Billing by time and kWh
  • Flexible rate management

Customer Management

  • Online self management for customers
  • Usage-based charging of charging processes together with other services such as parking
  • Ad-hoc charging – without registration – cashless payment online with smartphone

Full transparency

  • Current occupancy
  • Charging and payment transactions
  • Data for capacity and usage planning


  • Flexible and future proof using standard protocols (OCPP)
  • Integrated are high quality charging stations in different versions 
        AC / DC
        Indoor / Outdoor
        Stand or wall mounting
        Number of charging points

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