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PAM BUSINESS combines all software, hardware, and service components into one optimized solution. PAM BUSINESS enables the fully comprehensive digitalization of the processes for all available mobility services – regardless of whether it is a question of the parking management, the electric charging infrastructure, the people access control or the administration of further resources in site management.


The ergonomic and intuitively designed user interface offers highest possible efficiency in administration, but also an optimal comfort experience when employees use the services, customers, suppliers, tenants or business partners.


Key elements for optimized use are the software- and hardware components used, including support from specialists with industry experience. The individual modules of the PAM product line can be easily combined and expanded. Thanks to continuous further development, you are always up to date.

100% Digitalization of your sites mobility offer

  • Parking management
  • EV-charging infrastructure
  • People access control
  • Booking and management of
    shared infrastructure (office and meeting rooms)

The most convenient solution for

  • Employees
  • Tenants and landlords
  • Visitors and customers
  • Suppliers
  • Business partners

Full transparency

  • Usage-based billing
  • Capacity and resource planning
  • Reports

SaaS – platform in the cloud

  • modular
  • scalable
  • performant
  • secure
  • automatic updates


  • barrier-free without barriers
  • 100% detection rate
  • low-cost and maintenance-free operation
  • provision of data for the enforcement


  • Seamless integration and management of e-charging infrastructure
  • Device management and operation
  • Permissions and evaluation

Various access types

  • License plate
  • Employee ID card
  • RFID tags/cards
  • PIN codes
  • Digital QR codes

Perfect all-in-one solution

  • Latest software technologies
  • Top quality hardware
  • Consulting
  • Setup
  • Service

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